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An exploration of the ways in which the men in Journeys End and Regeneration are affected by the War Essays

An investigation of the manners by which the men in Journeys End and Regeneration are influenced by the War Essays An investigation of the manners by which the men in Journeys End and Regeneration are influenced by the War Essay An investigation of the manners by which the men in Journeys End and Regeneration are influenced by the War Essay Both R.C Sheriff and Pat Barker utilize their characterisations as methods for passing on the impacts of the injuries of war on the officers in Journeys End and Regeneration. These two writings not just investigate the pressure and passionate issues the men suffered in light of the abhorrences of war, yet additionally the manners by which they adapted to or attempted to get away from them. Excursions End and Regeneration approach these ideas in now and again comparative manners which can be legitimately connected, yet at different occasions in differentiating ways. While Journeys End represents the impacts of war on the men on the cutting edge in the channels, Regeneration centers around the enduring of the repercussions of war of the fighters their time at Craiglockhart Hospital. In Journeys End it is evident that Stanhope is influenced by his encounters of war and goes to liquor in endeavor to adapt to his misery. Different friends know that his propensity has heightened Hardy remarks that he never saw an adolescent set aside the bourbon he does and they understand how his conduct repudiates his old standards. Sheriff exhibits Stanhopes going before austere way of life through Raleighs adoration, once at school he got a few chaps in concentrate with a container of whiskeyThe rooftop almost brushed off. This particular differentiation in character, shows the manner by which war could change the warriors conduct significantly. Stanhope shows distrustfulness through his longing to peruse Raleighs letters, underlining his need to control all letters and urges Osborne to cross out what (Stanhope) says about (him). Through his requests, Sheriff depicts Stanhope as being embarrassed about the individual war has made him. Barkers depiction of Anderson in Regeneratio n can be contrasted with Stanhope, as he also leaves the war a changed character as an immediate consequence of his encounters. His psychosomatic battle to confront his dread of blood is exhibited through his consistent bad dreams, frequenting him with pictures of astonishing wounds of his patients. It is apparent from the common pictures of blood it siphoned out of him that Anderson gets debilitated by the dread of blood, and hence, unfit accommodating his family. Sheriff utilizes Trotter to delineate an elective manner by which the troopers adapted to the strains of war. So as to cause an opportunity to go okay, Trotter blacks (hovers) in to separate every hour. In addition to the fact that this demonstrates the fighters urgency for the war to end yet in addition shows the nonattendance of the idea of time in the channels. These dark circles inspire pictures of projectile openings, demonstrating that the idea of war is consistently on the warriors psyches and they battle to get away from such considerations. Trotter is additionally used to make a feeling of triteness all through the play, through his steady yearning for food. He perceives the beautiful smell of bacon! what's more, speaks with Mason about food. It becomes obvious that Trotter eats for comfort, along these lines that Stanhope drinks. His remark that wars awful enough with pepper, yet without pepperits bleeding dreadful, makes happy alleviation against the truth of war and demis e. This sudden change in standard style gives a differentiation in the play, giving the crowd a feeling of ordinariness, which is indisputably a manner by which the officers endeavor to adapt to their regular battles in the channels. Likewise, the officers in Journeys End utilize inconsequential games, for example, earwig hustling, not exclusively to breathe easy, yet additionally as an endeavor to shield themselves from the mental impacts of the war. The men show energy in playing such youngster like games: in the event that you need to get the best pace out of an earwig, plunge it in bourbon causes em to go like hellfire!, proposing that they are experiencing lost youth because of entering the war at such a youthful age, making them return to their youth ways. So also, this idea develops in Regeneration. At the point when Burns welcomes Rivers to his home, he appears as though a kid attempting to recall what it was that adults said to recently showed up visitors. Here Barker shows how youngsters could frequently stay guiltless and na㠯⠿â ½ve through the massacre of war. Moreover, Barker features the way that Burns has been matured by the war and resembles a scarecrow. This delineation inspires pictures of a skinny, hunchbacked man with endured skin and an empty and bland face. The Sam Browne belt, clustering the free texture round his abdomen integrated him could be deciphered as an allegory the belt being simply the one thing that is holding together inwardly. Because of being pressurized to develop so quickly in turning into a skipper, Burns is demonstrated to be experiencing lost youth, both genuinely and intellectually. An unmistakable differentiation showed between the two writings is the level of authenticity set up through language and the characters varying perspectives of war. The characters in Journeys End are continually endeavoring to see war in a positive light and receive an idealistic outlook all through their time in the channels. Sentimental symbolism is a typical strategy utilized in endeavor to adapt to the mental frightening evoked by their horrendous encounters. Stanhope and Osborne depict the dawn utilizing positive modifiers, for example, stunning and amazing, inciting pictures of a sentimental setting where fights happen. Thus, it very well may be contended that this depiction gives an unreasonable depiction of war. Besides, despite the fact that Osbornes correlation among game and fight may appear to be genuine when he alludes to no-keeps an eye ashore as the expansiveness of a rugger field, his relationship between them may likewise be seen as a sentimental recognition, as it m oves from the war. Accordingly, Sherriff represents, through the warriors optimistic view of war as a game, how they adapted sincerely by belittling viewpoints concerning war. In Regeneration, Barker maybe gives a more genuine point of view of war through her utilization of sensible and regularly realistic language, a prime model being that Burns had the opportunity to understand that what filled his nose and mouth was deteriorating human tissue. Through this immediate and sober minded methodology, Barker investigates the various impacts experienced by the fighters through different characters: Burns awful occurrence on the cutting edge makes him remember the repulsions he had always wanted and from each bad dream he stirred spewing. Sassoon endures structure comparable impacts, as his fantasies are talked about legitimately in the novel, the asphalt was canvassed in cadavers. Barkers legitimate and direct methodology gives the peruser an exact knowledge into the mental misery experienced by the officers. In any case, the idea of troopers utilizing sentiment and idealism found in Journeys End, trying to avoid the passionate impacts, can likewise be found in Regeneration, through the characters Owen and Prior. Owens verse at first gives him idealism from the war, as he asserts that he has consistently thought of p-verse as something contrary to all that. The offensiveness. He understands that verse is something to t-take asylu m in. Earlier feels provocative while strolling into no-keeps an eye ashore, passing on how warriors regularly utilized sexuality to disconnect themselves from the hopelessness of war; here, Barker shows that men frequently adapted to the difficulty of war by focussing on sex. The two creators show how fighters can get psychosomatic in light of war. In Journeys End, Sherrif utilizes Hibbert to offer direct knowledge in to the mental harm perpetrated on the men. Hibbert claims he cannot stick it any more extended because of experiencing neuralgia. Regardless of Stanhopes dismissal to this and his perspective on him being a worm and a shirker, Hibbert keeps up that he needs to go debilitated. When faced by Stanhope, Hibbert is appeared with his eyes firmly spoiled as he stands shuddering, obviously giving a picture of somebody whos mental state is truly affected by the war. A comparable idea is passed on by Barker through Willard, who asserts that he is deadened notwithstanding Doctors letting him know There was no injury to the spine. Waterways reasons that loss of motion happens on the grounds that a man needs to spare his life from partaking in some sad fight. Thus to Hibbert, Willard is hesitant to yield whatever may propose his ailment was not absolutel y physical. It is clear that he comes to understand that I cannot walk since I dont need to return. It tends to be reasoned that, albeit the two writings exhibit the impacts of war, the writers receive comparative and different strategies for representing how the revulsions of war can scar men mentally and genuinely. The aftereffects of war on the men in the two writings can regularly be legitimately connected, in spite of Sherriff and Barkers interchange styles of approach.

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How does Shakespeare present conflict at the start of Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

How does Shakespeare present clash toward the beginning of Romeo and Juliet Essay Clarify how Shakespeare presents the topic of brutality in this piece of the play. The primary thing to note about this scene is that it happens directly toward the beginning of the play. I believe that this scene exists to set up and feature one of the key clashes in the play in general. It happens after a genuine battle between the Montagues and Capulets. This fight’s prime instigator is Tybalt who when asked by Benvollio to assist him with keeping the harmony says: â€Å"What drawn and discuss harmony. I loathe the word, As I detest heck, all Montagues, and thee: Have at thee, coward!† Obviously then this is a profound situated clash that is answerable for upsetting the harmony in Verona and it is the Prince’s employment to reestablish request in this scene. In this way directly toward the beginning of the scene he calls them ‘profaners’. This is emotive language and assists with underlining the Prince’s scorn for both of the families and their contention. The crowd when they hear language like this will at that point partner the two families as being not being strict and being against God and His motivations. The disdain that the Prince and the crowd should feel for both of the battling families is additionally stressed in the portrayal of their blades as ‘neighbor-recolored steel’. Obviously what the Prince is attempting to feature here is that the two families are carrying on in an extremely childish juvenile way and are demonstrating an unchristian respect for their neighbors. Along these lines brutality is appeared in this scene as being something that is trivial, idiotic and conflicting with God. Following on from this the topic of brutality is additionally accentuated through the Prince’s utilization of a non-serious inquiry: â€Å"Will they not hear?† I believe that Shakespeare purposely utilizes this procedure here to show how negligent the two families are in their disdain for one another. Plainly the disdain between them runs so profound that they can't and won't tune in to individuals who are attempting to intercede among them and attempting to keep the harmony. This is additionally stressed later on in the line by the Prince depicting them as ‘beasts’. I imagine that Shakespeare purposely utilizes this word to help stress exactly how frightful the viciousness between the two families are. A mammoth is a creature. Along these lines, to the Prince, the negligent brutality between them has ventured to such an extreme as to remove their humankind. Again in the following line Shakespeare has additionally underscored the Prince’s aversion and ill will towards the two families and even how exhausted he is with their steady quarreling by utilizing the emotive language of: â€Å"your malignant rage’ This assists with underlining that to the Prince it is both families’ activities that are harmfully affecting his city and that they are bit by bit being ruinous through their activities. As indicated by the Prince the main thing that will assist with chilling the men’s feelings off and will stop all the viciousness is: â€Å"purple wellsprings giving from your veins† What the Prince implies here is that just by the men’s spilt blood will they quiet down. This doesn't appear as though a compelling method to save the harmony and assists with indicating that for reasons unknown brutality has become a lifestyle for the individuals included the fight. What is the reason for this viciousness the crowd would normally ask now in the discourse? Obviously, as per the Prince, that the reason for a large portion of the savagery is just a ‘airy word’. The implications of ‘airy’ are something that is unsubstantial, something that is scarcely even there. In this way the depiction of savagery in this piece of the play by Shakespeare is of activities that don’t have a reason, that are incre4dibly unsafe and don’t appear to be tied in with anything much specifically. Without a doubt then we as the crowd will somewhat feel for the Prince and his job to help keep the harmony. This can be seen later on in the play when Tybalt gets into a battle with Mercutio. One of the key minutes in the play is when Tybalt says: â€Å"Mercutio thou consortst with Romeo† This could be viewed as being simply well disposed ‘banter’ anyway to the two families it is apparently jokey things individuals state to one another interpretation of immense importance. For me then these ‘airy words’ have an enormous effect in light of the fact that the solid feeling of pride these characters have and how they can't allow things to slide. I think this assists with underlining what I believe is the enormous exercise that Shakespeare is attempting to instruct us about savagery in the play and that will be that will be that brutality is frequently observed by individuals who are not participating or who are blameless onlookers as being silly and harming.

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Being a true disciple of Jesus Essay Example for Free

Being a genuine follower of Jesus Essay A03. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to be a genuine supporter of Jesus in the cutting edge world Do you concur? Christianity is an overall religion and this persuades it is conceivable to be a genuine pupil in the advanced world. Current Christians accept that they are called to follow the model Jesus set. They invest energy finding the lessons of Jesus from the holy book and attempting to incorporate those lessons. (Michael Keene). There are numerous instances of cutting edge Christians. Clerics, Nuns and teachers are instances of individuals who commit their entire lives to God. Oscar Romero was an ecclesiastical overseer in El Salvador where the administration has continually damaged human rights. There are likewise numerous individuals living in destitution. Oscar took a stand in opposition to the administration in lessons. In 1980 he was gunned somewhere near four conceal men. His final words were May Christs penance give us the fearlessness to offer our own bodies for equity and harmony. I accept that Romero is a case of somebody who followed Jesus model and was a genuine supporter. Numerous strict individuals take pledges of neediness with the goal that God is put first above everything and that they don't get occupied by cash. The Rich Man didnt take this promise. It is a lot harder for a rich individual to enter the realm of God than for a camel to experience the aperture of a needle. (10:25). Maximilian Kolbe was a clean Catholic cleric who was captured and taken to Auschwitz, one of the Nazi concentration camps, in 1941. Following three weeks of drying out and starvation, just four of the ten men were as yet alive, including Kolbe. During the time in the phone, he drove the men in melodies and supplication. One day the watchmen chose a man to be tormented to death yet Kolbe said take me. The cells were required, and Kolbe and the other three were executed with an infusion of carbolic corrosive in the left arm. His chivalry reverberated through the camp and in 1982 he was made a holy person. He once stated, My point in life is to serve others. He relinquished his life for another and put God at the focal point of his life. This describes his as a genuine supporter. Corrymeela is a harmony bunch on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. The people group is comprised of Protestants and Roman Catholics. They live respectively, cooperate and revere together. It is where individuals can meet to examine their disparities in an air of common regard and trust. I think the individuals associated with Corrymeela are acceptable advanced devotees. In any case, there are numerous difficulties that make being a current devotee troublesome. War, scorn and brutality make it extremely difficult to cherish our neighbor and excuse. The occasion of the world exchange community crumbling because of a fear monger assault on September eleventh is a case of a troublesome time to pardon. 2992 individuals were murdered because of this assault. We live in a consumerist society were the accentuation on riches is incredible. This can prompt shameful acts and narrow-mindedness. It occupies Christians from carrying on with a Christian life and makes it hard for them to be genuine followers. Quite a while back there wasnt any exchanging on a Sunday allowing for supplication and love. These days most shops are open from 1pm to 6pm this allows for the individuals who work to implore and revere. It affects our Christian way of life. Current good difficulties, for example, premature birth are unchristian. Numerous ladies have this technique done to expel an embryo from their belly. Individuals consider this to be a type of homicide and that it is indecent. I trust it to be conceivable to be a genuine devotee of Jesus in the advanced world, in spite of the fact that it is exceptionally troublesome as there are numerous obstructions in the manner. Christians today despite everything consider it to be being their obligation to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to other people. This might be by accomplishing teacher work or all the more basically by experienced the Christian life and being a model for other people.

Death Penalty Essays - Penology, Free Essays, Term Papers

Capital punishment Essays - Penology, Free Essays, Term Papers Capital punishment Capital punishment One of the most questionable issues the United States has over and over managed in late memory has been the foundation of capital punishment. Presently, the choice whether to actualize capital punishment is a state level decision which obviously makes across the country difference alongside some degree of social turmoil. The two positions regarding this matter are fairly high contrast, either professional capital punishment or con-capital punishment. The best type of usage anyway is con-capital punishment for an assortment of reasons including; associated focusing with racial minorities, government's entitlement to end an actual existence, just as American residents succumbing to savage and surprising discipline. There are fundamentally different sides in the issue of focusing on racial minorities, the individuals who concur that minorities are being focused on and the individuals who concur that they just carry out most of wrongdoings in the United States. In the year 2007, African Americans represented around 13 percent of the whole populace yet, almost 50 percent of those waiting for capital punishment were African American (NAACP). Those numbers are evident paying little mind to your position on the issue. The end will be indistinguishable, African Americans, in relation to their populace, carry out a larger number of violations than racial greater parts, explicitly White Caucasians, with respect to their populace (Peffley, Hurwitz, 1002). The ethical situation that follows is obviously whether blacks are unreasonably put waiting for capital punishment just due to their race or if the violations they submit are particularly offensive and additionally plentiful. Another difficult that must be tended to is destitution's job in the spread of wrongdoing and thus the utilization of capital punishment. Presently, destitution breeds wrongdoing, and across America, blacks just as different minorities, are regularly devastated which much of the time drives them into an existence of wrongdoing. American help of capital punishment has influenced all through the twentieth century, yet has commonly stayed solid, cresting at around 80 percent support in 1994 (Soss, Langbin, Metelko, 403). Anyway because of racial variations in the 21st century, support has progressively declined to 68 percent in 2002 (Soss, Langbin, Metelko, 404). America positioned fifth on the planet in number of executions in the year 2009, slaughtering 52 convicts and with about portion of them being African American, the contention for racial focusing to emerge again was inescapable and a decrease in the help of capital punishment can be normal (Soss, Langbin, Metelko, 412). The most impressive and compellin g country on the planet ought to in no way, shape or form support nor actualize such crude activities, for example, the executions of individuals. There is no uncertainty that blacks and different minorities are all the more promptly put waiting for capital punishment and the contention with respect to why that is will be a conspicuous issue in the U.S. for a considerable length of time to come. What gives the legislature the option to end a real existence? For what reason must America succumb to an ethical chain of importance? No place in the American constitution does it award the legislature the option to choose a person's destiny. No place does it express that those in the administration are unrivaled creatures favored with a type of Mandate of Heaven. So for what reason are government authorities choosing whether an American Citizen lives or bites the dust? The key main factor in looking for capital punishment for a suspect being attempted is intensely subjective and to some degree trifling. On the off chance that the wrongdoing carried out has all the earmarks of being incredibly bizarre and uncouth, for example, human flesh consumption or assault, the court may look for capital punishment exclusively on the reason that the wrongdoing was terrible as well as obtuse ( in their eyes). For instance, a couple of years prior in the sequential executing marksman instance of John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, Allen who was in his mid-40's was condemned to death in light of his uncontrolled killings over various states. His associate, Malvo, was underage yet the examiner despite everything looked for capital punishment as far as concerns him in the killings. Regardless of the way that he was simply a kid the equity framework needed to see him dead, presently that isn't to excuse his activities or excuse them, yet the unadulterated tasteful proof all things considered drove the framework to look for death for a kid (Morse, B.5). An official choices in

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Groupon © | Gil C Groupon is a daily deals website operating globally. It has remained a popular option for those looking to find great deals and offers. In this article, we will look at 1) what is Groupon?, 2) products, 3) business model and key components, and 4) learning from Groupon’s success.WHAT IS GROUPON?The CompanyGroupon began operations in 2008 from Chicago and shortly following this from Boston, New York City and Toronto. Within a year, the website began serving more than 150 markets inside the United States and about a 100 markets in Europe, Asia and South America.The name is a play on the words group and coupon signifying the business of the company. The website is a daily deals provider that features gift certificates at a discount from different types of companies. Groupon was created by Andrew Mason with financial backing from a former employer, Eric Lefkofsky. Mason ran the company as CEO till 2013, when he was asked to leave the company after a failure to meet targets and raise pr ofitability.After enjoying rapid success initially, the company went into a negative spiral and reported a fourth quarter loss of $9.8 million in 2011.History of GrouponMason’s project began as a campaign and fund raising website called The website used a system called ‘the tipping point’ which meant that a donation would only be charged if a certain number of people contributed to the campaign. When the business transitioned from ThePoint to Groupon, the same idea was used, meaning that a Groupon deal only went through if a certain number of people bought it. If this limit was reached, then Groupon would charge its fee otherwise it would not. This was a major point of encouragement for vendors to come onboard and offer different deals to draw in business.The first deal was an offer on pizza at half price from a restaurant on the first floor of the Groupon office in Chicago in October 2008. Twenty people bought the deal. Groupon quickly expanded within the US and went from calling multiple vendors every day to ask for deals to accepting only one in eight vendors that wanted to be featured on the site.Groupon continued its expansion by moving into international markets. One way of doing this was by purchasing and rebranding existing similar deal-of-the-day services. Some of these have been MyCityDeal in Europe, ClanDescuento in South America, in Japan and in Russia. Others have been in Singapore, in India, uBuyiBuy in HongKong and GroupsMore in Malaysia. All of these were acquired between 2010 and 2011. In 2012, the company purchased Mertado, a Facebook based social shopping service and Breadcrumb which is a point of sale system and application for iPads targeting local restaurants. Based on these purchases, Groupon created access to other types of businesses to add to its repertoire. By the end of 2012, the company also purchased Savored which was a high end restaurant reservation and discount site. This gave the company access to these higher end restaurants, as well as a separate independently run business.These acquisitions continued in 2012 with a real-time location sharing mobile application called Glassmap and a European travel application called Blink that provides short notice hotel reservations. In December 2013, the company reported the highest weekend of sales since it was founded in 2008, with billings up 30 percent year over year.MarketsAny new market targeted in first explored and mapped out by employees who identify successful local businesses. These are then approached with an explanation of the Groupon model and social media sites are used as promotional tools.At present, Groupon serves nearly 500 markets in 48 countries. These include markets in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indo nesia, India, South Africa, Morocco, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.In 2011, the company launched in China with a joint venture. Groupon and Tencent joined together to launch Gaopeng. The venture struggled initially and eventually merged with Futuan. In the same year, Groupon also expanded in the Middle East with the launch of Groupon UAE as well as into New Zealand.Groupon’s Indian expansion came about with the purchase of a local version of itself called SoSasta also in 2011. The new venture was named Crazeal later that year and with the acquisition of the relevant domain name it was once again renamed to Groupon by 2012.Learn How Groupon Works! PRODUCTSGroupon products are not targeted towards everyone as the offered deals are most often in the category of things people want rather than the things they need. The major target audience are young urban pro fessionals who want to explore the city they are in at an affordable manner. Groupon deals allow people to try out products and services that they may otherwise not have attempted to purchase. The most common types of Groupon deals are for:Restaurants, bars, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and getawaysSpas and resortsFitness centers and specific classes such as yoga, Pilates, or spinningHair and nail careCosmetic dentistry procedures and other cosmetic proceduresLaundry and dry cleaningAssorted classesSmall local retailersMost often, the deal is a 50 percent discount on a specific product or service. The deals can range from $20 to $2,999 for a variety of items. There are restrictions that apply to almost deals. There are expiration dates on usage or deals only for new users. Some restaurants may offer deals on a restricted menu excluding alcohol. For this reason, all fine print should be read carefully when deciding to avail a deal.BUSINESS MODEL KEY COMPONENTSThe Groupon business mod el has shown immense promise in the past. Though recently there has been some criticism based on the company’s inability to meet profit targets, a change in management could prove to be the solution needed by the business to continue its past success. Any business model is made up of several components that interact with each other. The Groupon business model has the following components.Business Model ComponentsKey PartnersMainly, Groupon’s partners are the companies that offer deals on the website. In addition to these, there are also the investors that have injected capital into the enterprise since it was a startup.Key ActivitiesKey activities for Groupon may includeAcquisitions of companies and negotiations of partner setupsCreative writing for daily dealsWebsite maintenance and upgradesCustomer communicationsCustomer data managementAdvertising decisionsKey ResourcesKey resources are those assists that are vital to keep the business going. For Groupon, these resources inclu de intellectual ones such as detailed customer databases. These databases allow customization of offers for the clients. The established brand name garners trust and is a vital asset. The people who work for Groupon are vital for their creativity and innovation. Financial resources are also necessary to continue to expand and serve clients in the best way possible.Value PropositionGroupon’s value proposition to its clients is the offer of low prices for items that the customer wants together with convenience and accessibility. The deals are localized to ensure that the right people are offered the right deal.For businesses, Groupon offers a connection to the right client base, offering a platform for advertising, as well as the opportunity to generate new clients. The time limit on deals ensures that people buy immediately when otherwise they would stop and think. The tipping point allows for the business to gain enough offers for a deal to make it viable for them to sell it.Custo mer RelationshipsHighly customized emails open a channel of communication with the customer that helps retain customer for future repeat business. Customers are offered items of their interest and kept updated on what is offered.Customer SegmentsBroadly, Groupon has two segments of customers. The first is the customer who wants to buy the deal on offer and the second is the business who is offering this deal. These two segments have drastically different motives and Groupon needs to work to create a balance between them. According to Groupon, a majority of their users are women. Generally, the segment is made of younger users who range in age between 18 and 34. The company further segments them based on their demographics, purchase history and interests.ChannelsGroupon uses various communication channels to reach clients. These include personalized regular emails. Another channel is regional and national advertising campaigns to reach even more customers and encourage them to use th e service. Other advertising channels include newspapers, magazines and even radio and television.Cost StructureOne of the main costs for the company are advertising. This includes the personalized and regular emails, as well as all other channels. Other part of costs are infrastructure which include office space, servers etc., as well as human resource which is the employees. Yet another aspect of the cost structure is the massive investments the company makes for expansion usually through acquisitions.Revenue StreamsGroupon’s revenue streams are based directly on the number of deals sold and the actual cost of the deal. Groupon charges for deals that meet minimum user criteria. Businesses are also charged a subscription fee while the service remains free for the customer. Ad space is also sold as a small revenue stream.Groupon USPGroupon has many competitors that offer a similar or competing product offering. What makes Groupon unique is their prices and the type of deals they o ffer. Groupon uses a large sales force that successfully negotiates deals from businesses for clients. As for the type of deals on offer, the company has managed to successfully create a business based on what customers want rather than what they need. Offering attractive discounts on these wants ensures that people remain tempted to keep coming back. Groupon has also leveraged excellent writing, humor and media such as email to maintain a connection with the customer base.LEARNING FROM GROUPON’S SUCCESSLessons to Learn for EntrepreneursCreating an Online Organizational PersonalityEssentially, Groupon relies on people to read through a daily deals newsletter. Most often, people are likely to get bored with these after a while and unsubscribe. Groupon has managed a series of steps that ensure that the likelihood of this happening is significantly reduced. Some of these steps are:Creating Personality: When a person clicks unsubscribe to a Groupon email, they get to meet Derrick. The photo below shows who Derrick is. This interesting, somewhat personal image may get a laugh out of people and encourage them to subscribe again.A likable online personality makes it relatively easier for a company to build and maintain customer loyalty and interest. This loyalty makes it easier to deal with any actions or events that may otherwise damage the brand. Most businesses can achieve this to some degree by adding some extra interest in their web based communications and their websites. Whatever attempt is made to create a personality however, should be in keeping with the brand’s identity and support overall long term goals.Create a Blog: A blog can be a great way to stay connected and show the human side of a business to its clients. A blog is more informal and allows a look into the people who are behind the brand. The level of customer engagement that can be achieved through a blog is difficult to achieve through other mediums. A blog starts a conversation that allows readers to join in to respond, critique and share points of view. In addition, a blog offers a great way to achieve organic search engine optimization.Focus on Website Content: Many companies may spend a lot of resources on having a fancy website designed and created, but not pay too much attention of what material is to go on it. Well written content that supports the company philosophy can help create an interesting corporate personality. Functional content is not enticing for viewers and will not be a source of repeat visits.Be Interesting on Social Media: Take Twitter as an example. There are many organizations that post in a generic detached sort of way. This can be boring and uninteresting for readers and they will not care about the brand at all. There should always be some basic organizational criteria to stay within when positing on social media, but beyond that, the people responsible for these pages and posts should be encouraged to inject personality into them by postin g interesting links, continue conversations, and be humorous â€" all in keeping with the persona that the company aims to create.Respond: A likeable company will most likely be one that responds to queries, criticism, feedback and observations in a timely way. This includes any mediums being used such as Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or other blogs where the company may be mentioned. An individualized response shows that there are human behind a brand who are sympathetic and caring.3 Business Lessons to Learn from GrouponThe Groupon business is not new or particularly innovative. It is the way the business is run that forms the basis of its popularity. There are three major lessons than any new business can learn from the Groupon example. These are:Keep it Simple: Groupon sells a simple product â€" great deals â€" in a simple way. The methods are easy to understand and the website is easy to use. This ensures that potential customers are not scared away by the need to understand a comp licated offer.Differentiate by Branding: Groupon can essentially be seen as a simple newsletter campaign that sells coupons. The most frequently used channel of communication is email which is not the most innovative form of reaching the customer in today’s world. However, by ensuring highly customized emails that are tailor made for the recipient and excellent writing to make them readable, the company has managed to create a differentiated image for itself.Solve a Problem: Groupon solves problems for both the vendor who offers a deal and the customer who buys it. The vendor is able to gain some publicity as well as new users or members. The customer is able to secure a great price for a product or service that they may want and is not a necessity. This ability to be a problem solver keeps it a popular intermediary.Andrew Mason: What Ive Learned at Groupon Potential ProblemsWhile Groupon continues to make sales and connect customers with vendors, its profitability remains a quest ion mark. The company fired its CEO and founder in 2013 in light of continued inability to become profitable and falling stock prices. Companies like Groupon are easy to setup but appear to be difficult to sustain. The challenge is to keep both customers and vendors happy and this is no easy endeavor as both have drastically opposite goals. These challenges will require the company to rethink its strategy and business model in order to remain relevant and profitable.

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The Country Wife and Reversal of Power Dynamics - Literature Essay Samples

Throughout Wycherley’s play The Country Wife, characters reverse the time period’s normal power dynamics of reputation and gender to create power from a state of powerlessness. While certain characters appear to be powerful due to their status, honor and reputation, other seemingly powerless characters are able to gain power over these characters through trickery. The protagonist Horner deliberately places himself and his reputation in a situation seen as powerless and deceptively manages to gain power over many of the other characters. The women of the play, in a less powerful position due to the time period’s unfortunate gender roles rather than by choice, similarly use deception to gain power over their apparently more powerful husbands by using Horner’s treachery to their advantage. Wycherley, in showing that the play’s women are only able to gain power by taking advantage of Horner’s improbable situation, may have been ridiculing the per iod’s gender roles and suggesting that they were unjust. While it may seem more likely that one would gain the most power from a strong reputation and good status, the protagonist Horner purposefully tarnished his own reputation in order to gain more power in an unexpected way. Power in The Country Wife tends to consist of the ability to threaten another character, usually in a sexual nature. Husbands fear that they will be made cuckolds if their wives sleep with other men. Horner spread a rumor that a botched surgery had left him impotent, leaving his friends and acquaintances with the perception that he has lost power, and is even less of a man. At the end of a drawn out joke concerning store signs, his friend Sparkish delivers the punchline â€Å"Did you never see Master Horner? He lodges in Russell Street, and he’s a sign of a man, you know, since he came out of France!† (Wycherley 1.1.273-5). Sparkish suggests that, since Horner is now apparently â€Å"impotent,† he is no longer truly a man, just an indication of one. A store sign is a physical representation of what the store holds, but offers nothing else beyond that. Similarly, Horner is now seen as a representation of a man who is incapable of enacting manly activities, such as reproduction. By losing his ability to reproduce, he loses the one power he would otherwise have over other men that they appear most concerned about; the ability to threaten other men with the prospect of becoming cuckolds. Now that he is seen as a eunuch, he is granted freer access to his friends’ wives. Another friend of his, Sir Jaspar, after affirming for himself the rumor that Horner is now practically a eunuch, tells him â€Å"Pray come and dine with me, and play at cards with my wife after dinner; you are fit for women at that game yet,† (1.1.106-7). He first shows that he has been deceived by Horner enough to trust him in the company of his wife by inviting him into her presence. He then compares Horner to a women. Women, in the time of the play, still lacked most forms of power, which shows that he perceived Horner as less powerful because of his physical state. The phrase â€Å"fit for women at that game† also carries the implication that he is not fit for women at other â€Å"games,† namely, sexual intercourse, another indication that he no longer sees Horner as a threat who holds any form of power over him. Ironically, his confidence that Horner will not be able t o make him a cuckold is exactly what turns him into a cuckold. Horner, by making himself seem less powerful and less of a threat, gains more power over the husbands than they are able to perceive by taking advantage of his allowed proximity to the play’s married women, many of which become his lovers. The play’s women, too, gain power over their husbands, power being defined as the ability to threaten. Whereas Horner acted deceptively to alter his public perception so he would be seen as less powerful, the play’s women are intrinsically less powerful simply due to their gender. While Horner acted to augment his power over the play’s men, the women act deceptively in order to gain power over men which they never had to begin with. Their power is the ability to use trickery to secretly subvert the wishes of their husbands and, like Horner, to turn husbands into cuckolds. The most restricted of the play’s women, Margery Pinchwife, is frequently locked up by her husband so she will not leave the house and have an affair, particularly with Horner. When her husband finds her writing a letter to Horner, however, she makes it seem as if she is doing a favor for Alithea. Concerning Alithea, Margery’s husband says â€Å"Well, I resolve it; Horner shall ha ve her. I’d rather give him my sister than lend him my wife, and such an alliance will prevent his pretensions to my wife† (5.1.64-6). This is another statement heavy in dramatic irony. Margery disguises herself as Alithea, so Pinchwife is, in truth, â€Å"lending Horner [his] wife,† and the â€Å"alliance† created when the disguised Margery and Horner meet is exactly the one Pinchwife was trying to avoid. Margery here gains power over her husband by tricking him into allowing her to make him a cuckold. The power wielded by Horner and his lovers is shown to the audience most explicitly in the way they talk to each other in front of the husbands. Particularly in the notorious â€Å"china scene,† Horner and the wives speak in ways that make it clear to the audience that they are having an affair, but that the husbands believe are innocent conversations because they, still believing Horner to be impotent, are ignorant of the implications. The china scene begins with Horner and Lady Fidget locked in a room while her husband Sir Jaspar and their friend Squeamish stand outside. When they exit, Fidget says that she has â€Å"been toiling and moiling for the prettiest piece of china† (4.3.87-8). The word â€Å"china† in this play has already been given sexual connotations, though they were subtle and may not be picked up on until Squeamish also requests that Horner give her china. Fidget tells her â€Å"to my certain knowledge he has no more left† (4.3.197-8), in sinuating that she finished him off and he no longer has the energy to have sex again. Squeamish persists, so Horner tells her â€Å"I cannot make china for you all, but I will have a roll-wagon for you too, another time† (4.3.203-4). A â€Å"roll-wagon† refers to a cylindrical china vase, clearly a phallic symbol, indicating that Horner is offering to satisfy her sexual needs as well once he is physically able to. (4.3. footnote 204). It is still possible to interpret the scene as innocent until Fidget asks Horner, regarding what he had just told Squeamish, â€Å"What do you mean by that promise?† and Horner responds â€Å"Alas, she has an innocent, literal understanding† (4.3.206-7). Said as an aside, Horner’s claim that Squeamish understands this conversation literally is an admission to the audience that he and Fidget have been speaking metaphorically. Depending on how Squeamish’s character is acted, the audience could interpret her actions as an innocent request for decorative china, or, if she asks suggestively, a request for sex. Horner’s offer of a phallic symbol suggests, however, that he and Squeamish also have an agreement and that she too is speaking metaphorically. Here, Horner is the only person in the room who knows the entirety of the situation. Sir Jaspar believes that Horner is still speaking innocently. His statement that Horner’s kisses â€Å"have no mo re hurt in’t than one of my spaniel’s† (4.3.231) shows that he believes Horner has no more power to make him a cuckold than the lick of a dog. Here, again, a character displays a belief that Horner is now less powerful due to his physical state, this time comparing him to an animal. While Horner said that Squeamish â€Å"has an innocent, literal understanding,† this line applies much better to Jaspar, as he is the only person in the room who does not make the connection between china and sex. In this scene, Horner, Fidget and Squeamish flaunt the power they have gained over Jaspar and the other men of the play by openly talking about their affairs using metaphors that are obvious to the audience but are not understood by Jaspar. Horner, who, as a man, began the play with more power, still has the most power in the room, as he is still deceiving both women into believing that they are the only ones he is having an affair with. The women, however, still mana ged to raise themselves into a position of power over their husbands by making them cuckolds without their realizing, giving themselves sexual freedom. Despite the misogyny that appears in certain moments of the play, Wycherley portrays the women as actual human beings who are just as complex and flawed as the men, and are frequently cleverer than their husbands. The playwright may have been calling attention to the unnecessary restrictions of women’s freedom by showing that the only way the play’s women could gain any sort of power from their powerless status was through the highly absurd situation with Horner and his own manipulation of power. Wycherley was likely not entirely altruistic due to the prevailing views of the time period, seeing as the male Horner still had the most power. However, the fact that his female characters were unable to gain agency or power in any way other than taking advantage of a man pretending to be a eunuch may have been an indication that there was something horribly wrong with gender roles and norms. He may have been suggesting that there should be easier ways for women to gain power and freedom.